Community Ethics

Having fun is the essence of life. Do "whatever", but have fun while doing it. But some naughty people think fun is associated only with terms like "porn", "sex", "abuse", "junk", "ridicule" and the works. However, we must understand that when a community is involved, fun must be clean so that the ENTIRE community can enjoy it. No one should be embarrassed at what you have said or done. This is an important part of Community Ethics. It is Community Ethics which bind and guide us. So remember, that your use of "Veblr" is subjected to the Terms of Use and these Community Ethics.

Ok, so we'll cut to the chase. There are some simple DO's and DON'Ts and we want you to follow them. Obediently.


Be good to others
Everybody has the right to be treated with respect and honor. You can have your bit of sarcasm and leg-pulling, but always be nice to other members. One doesn't have to harass others to have fun. Remember, it doesn't hurt to be nice.

Upload content that are yours
Now there's something called Copyright and we want you to upload content which are yours. Don't "steal" content. Sooner or later, you're going to be caught. Do you want to be branded a thief? Nopes! In legal terms, you must own the content that you upload, or have explicit permission from the owner to upload the content that are not owned by you. In some Middle-East countries they amputate a hand or foot as a punishment for theft. Here, we will amputate your stolen video. Remember, it hurts to plagiarize.

Spread the word
If you like a video, ask your mom, dad, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, friends to watch it too. SMS or email them the URL of the video. If you have a blog or a website, do embed those content! Remember, sharing is caring.

Believe in Feedback
Other members want you to watch their content. They want you to rate them and leave a comment. Come on, everybody loves feedback. Look within, you too thrive on it. Feedback helps everybody improve their content! Today you comment on someone's video, tomorrow that person will comment on yours. Remember, what goes around, comes around.


Upload Pornography or sexually explicit content
Come on, let's keep fun clean. Who likes porn? We don't and our members don't. Pornography is fun, but only for a sick mind. We're sure you're healthy. So keep away from sharing porn. And yes, sharing your own porn video is also a symptom of a sick mind. So keep away from porn. It's just not hot.

What's a porn video? Anything that depicts female frontal nudity (breasts, nipples etc), male or female private parts or content that show or suggest intimate moments - such as lovemaking scenes. You know such stuff is for the bedroom, not for public websites.

Oh yes! Child abuse is also not done. Remember, porn is a thorn in the flesh of a healthy community.

Ridicule other nations and its people
Everybody loves their country. We are as patriotic and sentimental about our country as anybody could be. Please don't post any video that hurts the sentiments of the citizens of our country, its symbols and its treasures. In fact, we don't want you to upload any video that suggests hatred towards anyone on the basis of their religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, caste, creed, race or ethnicity. It could be a joke for you, but could deeply hurt someone. What if some else cracks a really bad one on you? How would you feel? Remember, respecting others for what they are is respecting your own self.

Upload content that don't belong to you
Basically, we're very tolerant. But when it comes to copyright violation, you can bet your last cent that we won't tolerate plagiarism. Phew! All content that violate copyright laws will be deleted even before you blink. Uff! Remember, it hurts to plagiarize.

Upload content to settle score or personal fights
We all fight. It's our right to fight with our partner, friends, relatives, and above all, our enemies. But it is not nice to settle personal fights and arguments on a public platform. You may be tempted to post content to harass those with whom you're cross. Calm down, cool it, control your anger. Remember, anger (especially on a video site) is one letter short of DANGER.

Hmm...some other points
There are content that you may not like on "Veblr".
If you find something offensive, do flag such content. We will look into it immediately. If you think there's immediate cause for concern, you can report content and/or someone's behavior to our people. They're efficient team who will take immediate action.

Copyright Infringement
If you find someone infringing on your copyright, don't panic. Ask the member to remove that video, politely. If that does not do the trick, you can always write to our Copyright team. Click here to learn more about copyright infringement.

To conclude
DO's and DON'Ts are present in every civil society. They are there to help us evolve as good citizens. Similarly, our Community Ethics and Terms of Use have been formulated to help you - not to make your life more difficult. Those not abiding by the Community Ethics and Terms of Use, may have their content removed and in some extreme cases, their accounts terminated.