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Angela Hoover - Mocks Celebrity Moms With Nursery Rhymes - America's Got Talent Semi-Finals 2013

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  • HCF & Euclid's Division Lemma
    HCF & Euclid's Division Lemma

    This course contains Chapter-wise content in the form of explanatory videos and documents for Mathematics for Class 10. This has been carefully designed by Let's tute keeping the need of every student in mind. It will greatly help in understanding various concepts in a simple manner.

    By Letstute | 179 views



    This fairness cream will help you reduce dullness and uneven skin tone. In my opinion, this face cream helps to get an even looking skin tone by using it twice a day.
    The WOW FAIRNESS CREAM has an SPF 20, with PA++ sign which helps protect skin from sun's UVA UVB rays.
    It also helps to fade age spots, along with hydrating dry or dull skin.
    I love that this face cream has Saffron and Mulberry extract , along with liquorice extract which help to lighten the skin and also give bright and glowing skin.

    The Arbutin extract in this cream helps to reduce the production of melanin, hence, giving more even skin.

    Also, it has Kojic acid, which is a great ingredient to lighten skin tone. But, for my skin, it doesn't suit me for day time use. Hence I use it only at night.

    It also has moisturizing and hydrating properties because of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter
    and Vitamin E!

    By Neha Desai | 170 views

  • Zumba class at Dancercise
    Zumba class at Dancercise

    Glimpses of a zumba class at Dancercise by Saurabh Soni from Studio Raas.

    We are a dance and fitness studio located in Kalkaji, New Delhi, India.
    To know more about our studio please visit our site

    Watch Zumba class at Dancercise With HD Quality

    By Dancercise Studio | 199 views

  • Indian bikers
    Indian bikers

    Watch Indian bikers With HD Quality

    By Arbaaz Khan | 184 views

  • Mile ho tum Humko | Neha Kakkar | Tony Kakkar | Ft. Varsha Tripathi
    Mile ho tum Humko | Neha Kakkar | Tony Kakkar | Ft. Varsha Tripathi

    Original Credits :-

    Title : Mile Ho Tum
    Singer : Tony Kakkar & Neha Kakkar
    Lyrics : Tony Kakkar
    Music : Tony Kakkar
    Arrangers/Programmers : Aditya Dev & Tony Kakkar
    Mastered by : Shadaab Rayeen
    Guitars : Rhythm Shaw
    Flute : Kiran
    Mixed by : Aditya Dev
    Music Video Director - Gaurav Jang

    Cover Credits:-

    Programming & Arrangement : Navdeep Dhatra
    Mix & Master : Navdeep Dhatra
    Vocals : Varsha Tripathi

    By Varsha Tripathi | 115 views

  • Complete Chest Workout Routine! | Day 24 | (Hindi / Punjabi)
    Complete Chest Workout Routine! | Day 24 | (Hindi / Punjabi)

    Day 24 is a solid & complete chest workout.
    Now that you are on day 24, your workouts have matured. We will start covering some mass building chest exercises.

    This is a beginners series workout, meant for those who are starting off at the gym, or who haven't worked out for a long time, as you start the series you will become sore so take it easy in the start and work your way up.

    Some of the exercises we do:
    Chest Press, or you can also do pushups, Incline Barbell Press, Incline Dumbbell Press, Incline Dumbbell Fly, Flat Bench Press, Flat Dumbbell Fly

    Watch Complete Chest Workout Routine! | Day 24 | (Hindi / Punjabi) With HD Quality

    By MY BOLLYWOOD BODY | 200 views

  • Neeru Pal | Freestyle Friday | Desi Hip Hop 2017
    Neeru Pal | Freestyle Friday | Desi Hip Hop 2017

    Freestyle Friday / Dehradun flavour from the one and only Neeru Pal

    Presented by Desi Hip Hop Inc, the #1 platform empowering HipHop in South Asia with Music, Videos, News and more from Desi artists globally.

    Watch Neeru Pal | Freestyle Friday | Desi Hip Hop 2017 With HD Quality

    By DesiHipHop TV | 2377 views

  • JNU VC wants 'Army Tank' on Campus to Remind Students of Army's Sacrifices
    JNU VC wants 'Army Tank' on Campus to Remind Students of Army's Sacrifices

    M. Jagadesh Kumar, the Vice Chancellor of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), suggested the campus should have an army tank to remind students of the sacrifices made by the India army. At an event to mark the Kargil Diwas, he addressed the crowd with words of praise for the army, and asked Union Ministers V.K. Singh and Dharmendra Pradhan to help JNU procure a tank.

    By Catch News | 163 views

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